Wonder Woman Challenge


On June 25th I completed a 95 mile ultra run across the Highlands of Scotland in what turned out to be some of the most awful conditions the race had seen. When I finished my feet were both swollen, my left knee was very painful and I felt physically and emotionally drained.


To say it was the hardest event I have ever done is an understatement and thankfully I wasn’t signed up to anything after this. I decided I needed a rest from running and decided to set my self a new goal. You may laugh but I called it my ‘Wonder Woman’ project (after watching the movie and being totally blown away by her) and set my goals out for a 12 week plan. I knew I was physically fit but I needed to work on getting stronger as I knew this would; in the long term benefit my running. I signed up with Challenge Life Fitness who are a local company specialising in metafit, bootcamp and personal training sessions as well as military fitness and obstacle race training. On our first meeting we discussed my goals and what would work for me and what I wanted to achieve. My weekly personal training sessions were held at the CLF HQ in Kimberley and each week they were varied yet focused on strength and explosive power rather than simply lifting weights

My left knee pain grumbled on and I simply couldn’t face putting my running shoes on as it all seemed a bit pointless if I’m honest. After running 95 miles through the highlands of Scotland a 5k pootle through swingate just seemed very uninspiring. I supplemented the weekly PT session with a circuits class, a CLF metafit power class and various bootcamp/bodybar sessions. I did throw in the odd park run but these were very social. Half way through was holiday time and a much needed week in the sun. I was very good and trained every day bar 2. I tried to do short HIT type sessions with short 5k runs along the beach which I loved.

On my return I knuckled down and in September I gave up chocolate and focused a bit more on my eating habits. I was starting to feel stronger although my knee still wasn’t happy. I started to do some more regular short runs and began to enjoy it again. I was also starting to notice some more muscle definition and definitely less wobble.

At the start of October I decided to run everyday; no set distance just mixing it up with some hills/intervals and off/on road sessions. My last session of PT was the first week of October and I was really chuffed to have improved in all the exercises we completed in the fitness test. I really do feel much stronger now and my running is starting to improve and my times slowly coming down again.

My final fitness test results

I now feel really positive about moving forward, my knee doesn’t hurt anymore and I am aiming for a half marathon at the end of October. Working with CLF was definitely a positive move. Mel and Jay are very professional and dedicated and really listened to what I wanted to achieve. 12 weeks is a good realistic time frame to make a difference and I’m surprised how quickly its flown past. Ok so I don’t know look like wonder woman but I feel fabulous and am hoping to continue building on the work I’ve done. Leading up to Christmas I’ll be focusing on slightly more muscle definition and strengthening my quads and glutes which should help improve my running even more. If you are struggling with injury or motivation then it’s time for a rethink. Get back to basics and focus on becoming fitter and stronger which in the long term will benefit your running. Invest in the services that a PT can offer and without a shred of doubt I would recommend CLF. So watch this space for my next goal (which still involves Wonder Woman) and please get in touch if you have any queries or questions

Just need the costume now!!! 😂😂

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