Dry January

Thank God that’s over!!!!!  Now I do love a good challenge and having pushed myself to my absolute limits on many occasions I do know I have guts and determination and maybe that little bit of craziness that is usually kept locked away in a box in the depths of my mind.  I’m usually fairly […]

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The Running Show

This week I’ve been reading a book on breaking your goals and targets into 12 weeks chunks.  This really appeals to me as a year is such a long time and so much can change.  Breaking it into smaller chunks makes the goals feel much more achievable and gives things more of a sense of […]

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Wonder Woman Challenge

  On June 25th I completed a 95 mile ultra run across the Highlands of Scotland in what turned out to be some of the most awful conditions the race had seen. When I finished my feet were both swollen, my left knee was very painful and I felt physically and emotionally drained.   To […]

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